10 Headphones & 1 Transmitter (3 Channel SX-809 & TX-300) – New

10 Headphones & 1 Transmitter (3 Channel) – New

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This silent disco pack includes everything that you need to create your own silent disco, yoga, outdoor movie, conference, or special event.

The Party style headphone (SX-809) is the world’s go-to silent disco headphone for its amazing bass sound quality, durability, and ease of use.

Paired with the Dual Mobile Transmitter (TX-300) with its internal and a microphone; you’ll be able to host events without needing to plug in for power, Wi-Fi or expensive DJ equipment.

NEW Headphone packages come with enough chargers to charge HALF of the order. One charger can charge 16 headphones at once. You can purchase additional chargers if needed. 

Condition: New

Headphones are individual wrapped and packaged in boxes.

Warranty: 6 months warranty with swap/repair option.

Package includes

  • Party Headphone Style (SX-809).
  • Dual Mobile Transmitter (TX-300).
    • Hard Case.
    • Charger.
    • Lapel Microphone.
    • Aux Cable.
  • 16 Port Chargers.
  • 2 Faux Leather Ear Pad Replacements for every 20 headphones.

Try before you buy

Quiet Events offers low priced rentals if you want to use before you purchase. To request a quote visit: Quiet Events Rentals.


Stickers available for purchase.

Hard plastic glowing branding can be purchased for orders above 100.

Training Videos

Party Style Overview

Dual Mobile Transmitter Overview


  • Wireless Headphones for Silent Events.
  • 3 Channels system.
  • Easy Channel switcher (Bottom/Center/Top).
  • LED lights indicating channels (Blue, Red, Green).
  • HI-FI Audio w/ Super bass.
  • Foldable sides for smaller shipping size.
  • Adjustable Metal/Rubber headband for durability & easy cleaning.
  • Volume Control.
  • Soft Eco-leather cushions for the best comfort.
  • 12 Hour Battery.
  • NFC Chips for tracking or inventory system.
  • S/N > 75 dB.
  • THD: <1%.
  • Frequency Response: 30 - 20.000 Hz.


  • Audio 3.5mm Aux input.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Mute button.
  • Internal Battery (12 hours of use).
  • Lapel Microphone.
  • Microphone volume control.
  • Belt Clip for portability.
  • Broadcast up to 1,500 feet.
  • Hardcase.