10 Headphones & 1 Transmitter (3 Channel SX-809 & TX-300) – Used

10 Headphones & 1 Transmitter (3 Channel) – Used

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This silent disco pack includes everything that you need to create your own silent disco, yoga, outdoor movie, conference, or special event.

  • The Party style headphone (SX-809) is the world’s go-to silent disco headphone for its amazing bass sound quality, durability, and ease of use.
  • Paired with the Dual Mobile Transmitter (TX-300) with its internal and a microphone; you’ll be able to host events without needing to plug in for power, Wi-Fi or expensive DJ equipment.
  • These specially designed headphones have a switch that allows you to choose between 3 Channels: Blue, Red, Green LED lights to indicate what channel someone is listing to.
  • USED headphone packages do NOT come with chargers, you can purchase them separately. 

Condition: Used

Headphones have been in circulation for less than 12 months and have been certified in working order with at least 10-hour battery life. Covers may have small scratches / blemishes while headphone covers may look slightly worn, but still presentable.

Warranty: 6 months warranty with swap/repair option.

Package includes

  • Party Headphone Style (SX-809).
  • Dual Mobile Transmitter (TX-300).
    • Hard Case.
    • Charger.
    • Lapel Microphone
    • Aux Cable
  • 2 Faux Leather Ear Pad Replacements for every 20 headphones.

Try before you buy

Quiet Events offers low priced rentals if you want to use before you purchase. To request a quote visit: Quiet Events Rentals.


Stickers available for purchase.

Hard plastic glowing branding can be purchased for orders above 100.

Training Videos

Party Style Overview

Dual Mobile Transmitter Overview


  • Wireless Headphones for Silent Events.
  • 3 Channels system.
  • Easy Channel switcher (Bottom/Center/Top).
  • LED lights indicating channels (Blue, Red, Green).
  • HI-FI Audio w/ Super bass.
  • Foldable sides for smaller shipping size.
  • Adjustable Metal/Rubber headband for durability & easy cleaning.
  • Volume Control.
  • Soft Eco-leather cushions for the best comfort.
  • 12 Hour Battery.
  • NFC Chips for tracking or inventory system.
  • S/N > 75 dB.
  • THD: <1%.
  • Frequency Response: 30 - 20.000 Hz.


  • Audio 3.5mm Aux input.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Mute button.
  • Internal Battery (12 hours of use).
  • Lapel Microphone.
  • Microphone volume control.
  • Belt Clip for portability.
  • Broadcast up to 1,500 feet.
  • Hardcase.